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Trishana Whinray

Licensee Salesperson

After taking a break away from Real Estate, Trishana has now made a triumphant return to her previous 13-year career where she achieved remarkable success throughout Greater Christchurch, Canterbury, and even extended her expertise to Marlborough and the West Coast regions.

Trishana is known for her unwavering commitment to clients, providing dedicated support every step of the way. She prioritizes their success and well-being, offering personalized guidance through real estate transactions and expert advice. With a strong support system, she builds trust and reassurance, utilizing her industry understanding to tailor solutions. After a break, Trishana's triumphant return with renewed vigor brings exceptional service, energy, and a fresh perspective to fulfill real estate desires.

During her break, Trishana explored healthcare, applying her impact-making passion to building connections. Now back in real estate, she seamlessly integrates healthcare skills, ensuring clients' unique needs are met. Her office awards highlight sales prowess and negotiation finesse. Maintaining relationships with buyers and owners, she strikes a rare balance that leads to contented parties. Trishana's commitment, negotiation skills, and lasting connections elevate her reputation.

Her core belief in "clients/customers for life" drives exceptional service and enduring relationships. With Ray White affiliation, she leverages specialized knowledge and resources, offering accurate information, strategic solutions, and a competitive edge. Trishana's dedication to mastering the "Ray White know-how" guarantees top-tier service and unmatched outcomes, combining her expertise with the network's support for an unparalleled real estate experience.

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